Survival Game

Survival game or “Sabagee” (abbreviation in Japanese) is one of the most popular hobbies for Otaku people in Japan. We (Boys Team members) have tried a survival game in Tokyo. We chose a beginners plan that includes a whole necessary package to play a survival game (except for airsoft pellets, which costs 300 yen). So, you see in the following pictures: airsoft gun, helmet, gloves, arm band and airsoft pellets. Firstly, there was a short lesson of about 10 minutes and we learned how to load pellets and use the airsoft gun.

Then, we left our precious items in a small locker. If you have a backpack or handbag, you can ask the staff to keep them. But why do we need to have an armband? Actually there were two colors and so the armband is necessary to distinguish our team members and opposing team members. We have experienced some types of games and each game was rather short (probably 2 or 3 minutes). There were 4 or 5 games in total. The indoor arena was basically divided in two areas (I guess area 2 was 10 m long and 10 m large and the area 1 was 5 m long and 5 m large). When you get hit, you need to announce it and then you are evicted. I know we will never die for this but it’s still really thrilling !

(Super Yossy)