We have to confess traditional tours are not our main goal. But there are many nice traditional spots to visit, it’s true. And we can also suggest “remixed” tours based on our experience and knowledge as local tour guides. For example, visit of Meiji Shrine first, then local Buddhist temple barely known among non-Japanese tourists instead of too crowded Senso-ji temple and finally deep spots in Akihabara, sanctuary of otaku culture ! This is one of “remixed” tours made of traditional tour, B class spot tour and otaku tour like alchemy. If needed, we can also contact local travel agency to book your hotel room, private car, and private bus.

Tokyo 1 day tour

1) Nezu shrine and Yanaka shopping mall
2)Ueno Park
3)Kappa-bashi and Senso-ji
5) Hama Rikyu Garden
6)Tokyo Metropolitan Gvernment (Tocho)


Tokyo half-day tour

1) Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Tocho)
2)Meiji shrine
3)Harajuku (shopping mall for girls) and Omotesando (boutiques)

“Remixed” 1 day tour

1) Tokyo Tower
2)Zoujouji temple
3)Tsukiji outer fish market
4)Hama Rikyu Garden
5)Sumida cruise to Odaiba

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